Wood Pellets

 Midwest Pellet King has the largest selection of pellets in the region. If you can't seem to taste a difference from one pellet to the next, come try some of our 100% woods! Many bags out there are labeled as "100% hardwood" which misleads you to believe they are 100% of what is written on the bag. We have many blends and several 100% wood pellets as well. Stop in to be overwhelmed with the largest selection of wood pellets in the region!


20# Lumberjack Standard Pellets*****$11.99 each

  • 100% Hickory
  • 100% Oak
  • 100% Alder
  • 100% Maple
  • 100% Cherry
  • Maple Hickory Cherry - Competition Blend
  • Oak Hickory Cherry - Supreme Blend
  • Oak Maple Cherry - Timberline Blend
  • Fruitwood Blend (80% Cherry, 20% Apple)
  • Apple Blend (40% Apple, 60% Oak)
  • Hickory Blend (40% Hickory, 60% Oak)
  • Mesquite Blend (40% Mesquite, 60% Oak)
  • Pecan Blend (40% Pecan, 60% Oak)
  • Rosemary, Thyme & Basil
  • Red Cayenne Pepper
  • Seasoned Garlic
  • Charcoal Hickory

20# Lumberjack Premium Pellets*****$15.99 each

  • 100% Mesquite
  • 100% Pecan
  • 100% Apple 

28# Green Mountain Grills Pellets*****$15.99 each

  • Gold Blend - Red Oak, American Hickory, Mountain Maple 
  • Texas Blend - Black Oak, American Hickory, Texas Mesquite
  • Fruitwood Blend - Orchard Cherry, American Beech, Sweet Pecan 
  • (NEW) Apple Blend - Apple, American Hickory, Red Oak

40# Smoke Ring Pellets*****$19.99 each

***NOTE: We typically have the MHC & 100% Hickory on hand.***

20# BBQr's Delight Peach Pellets*****$15.99 each


 We keep about 10 tons of pellets on hand at any given time but simply don't currently have the floor space to guarantee availability of each flavor in each brand. We do our best to keep the majority on hand; if you absolutely must have a specific pellet, you are welcome to call for availability.